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GNU/Linux configurations, Twitter and Jabber with BitlBee via Irssi

New entry, new entry, finally \o/

A few weeks ago I discovered BitlBee supports Twitter, and, with a few changes, every other microblogging network, that uses the StatusNet software.

Recently I’ve installed the StatusNet software on my home server, as a replacement for my private Jabber server.
It just happened. Would be too much to explain. (Hint: my friends are using $client1, which is online most of the time and $client2, which just happens to be online every so often)

I am a command line junkie. Every time I am using my mouse, I’m clicking a link or am setting an option, nothing more 8].
Before I was using BitlBee as an client, I used their web interfaces, pino and Choqok . And all of the above were not just quite satisfying. I wanted something, that could run on my server, without having another tab or application on my laptop running. And since I was running Irssi for that little thing called IRC, I looked for a client, that could connect to through Irssi. And said client is BitlBee, that even supports OTR since revision 699 (for my XMPP-GTalk-Account).

No emerge, because I’ve switched to Arch Linux at the beginning of the year (and I am using Clyde and not Pacman, just so you wonder).
(If you’re not using Clyde, follow these instructions)
[~] # clyde -S bitlbee-otr-bzr

BitlBees configuration file (/etc/bitlbee/bitlbee.conf) is heavily commented, so it’s easy to edit.
I just changed the following three lines:
19 RunMode = ForkDaemon
34 DaemonPort = 6789
52 AuthMode = Registered

Using this script and makepasswd, I’ve added my user account through the command line without starting the daemon.

Then I’ve added a new server and chatnet directly in Irssis config file:
[~] $ vim ~/.irssi/config
servers = (
address = "localhost";
chatnet = "BitlBee";
port = "6789";
use_ssl = "no";
ssl_verify = "no";
autoconnect = "yes";

chatnets = (
BitlBee = {
type = "IRC";
autosendcmd = "/^msg root identify [password from makepasswd]";

I am assuming, you’re using the same nick for identification in BitlBee, that is already specified in /set nick in Irssi.

Running the bitlbee-daemon:
[~] # /etc/rc.d/bitlbee start

And in Irssi:
/connect BitlBee

Wee, I’m on my own BitlBee server.
Now to add my, Twitter and GTalk-Account in the BitlBee root window:
account add protocol username password
account add twitter AlaIgnea foo // [1]
account add identica alaignea identicapassword
account add jabber gmailpassword // [2]
account list // [3]
account 0 set mode = chat // [4]
account 1 set mode = chat
account 2 set port = 5223 // ssl configuration for GTalk
account 2 set ssl = true
account on

[1] foo as my Twitter password, because the client doesn’t need one, Twitter uses OAuth
[2] googlemail, because Gmail doesn’t belong to Google, Inc. in Germany ~~
[3] replies with my twitter account on 0, on 1 and my gtalk account on 2
[4] chat mode, so it is more like a big chatroom

Now I got a message from twitter_AlaIgnea:
To finish OAuth authentication, please visit and respond with the resulting PIN code.
Went to the site, allowed BitlBee access to Twitter, copied the password I got from the site and just replied to twitter_AlaIgnea with said password

The rest is just like a normal chatroom, reply to other users like you would normally do in Irssi and BitlBee handles the rest.

rt [username|id] retweets/redents the last tweet/dent from that username/id
follow [username] following said user
unfollow [username] unfollows said user
undo [id] deletes your last tweet or one with the given ID

For using BitlBees microblogging function with a microblogging network other than or Twitter, just follow this example.

## Done
# vim: set sw=4 et :


Written by body0r

October 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm

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